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Launch Your RTO in 2022

Strategic Planning Retreat - Just for RTOs

Thursday 25 and Friday 26 November 2021 - Online Event

Having a successful business isn’t just about getting more leads and selling more training. Those are important to ensure your business survives, but they won’t necessarily help you achieve all your business goals.

To truly grow your RTO, you need to create a realistic plan and see it through.

If you’re ready to grow your business, you need to face the facts - vague, haphazard ideas won’t get you very close to your goals.

However, if you follow a growth strategy in a systematic way, you’ll know exactly where your business is headed and how to get there.

I know because I was once in your position!

Business Growth starts with the Leader

I have been in business now for over 20 years, owning and operating two of my own RTOs and now helping other RTOs to get compliant, save time and save money. 

Over the last 20 years I have learnt a lot about what NOT to do... but also fortunately, what TO do.

In my previous businesses I did not set strategies for my business, often just "winging it" when it came to business growth. I fumbled my way through, learning along the way, the hard way.

I alway felt overwhelmed and overworked, wishing I could clone myself, as no-one could do it the way I can do it... does that sound familiar?

The biggest game changer for me was when I started strategising what we do, as a team, with Annual Priorities, Quarterly Rocks, Monthly Goals and Weekly High Value Activities.

Simone Rennocks - My Skills Training

Total investment of $632.50
Includes two days of content, a copy of the 90 Day Business Goal Tracker and a copy of Profit First, keynote speakers for both books, Strategic Planning posters and so much more

RTO Business Growth is something that needs planning, because when you get it right, you’ll be thrilled. But get it wrong? You’ll feel panicky and think that you’re not cut out for successfully growing an RTO business.

To help you make your success a reality, we have put together the Launch Your RTO Strategic Planning Retreat with all the things you need to plan for your business’ growth right away!

This two day event will guide you step-by-step through creating an RTO business growth plan that will support you - even if you’ve never started an RTO before.


Launch Your RTO 2022

Strategic Planning Retreat

What you will get:

Reconnect with your "Why?"

Clarify your Current Profit Picture

Pin Down Your Business Weaknesses

Revisit your Ideal Customer

Reveal Your Strength Assets

Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities

Tackle the Threats to your Business

Assess Your Team's Development

The Ultimate Superhero Flight Plan

Explore Your Marketing Potential

Reconsider Your Business Processes

Review and Refine

Strategic Planning Retreat Resources

"I cannot recommend this business more highly. Their membership is outstanding, they freely give help, training and information. They went above and beyond to help my business keep up to date and compliant at all times. Thanks to the Vivacity team." 

-Christine Chittenden 
 Transformational Institute

Guest Speaker

Romney Nelson

Co-author of the 90 Day Business Goal Tracker

Romney will be sharing with us how your business can perform better with the 90 Day Business Goal Tracker.

The 90 Day Business Goal Tracker provides the framework, steps and tools to accelerate your performance by organizing your thoughts and intentions into a prioritized action list and transferring these into meaningful outcomes.

Designed to suit businesses of all sizes, The 90-day Business Goal Tracker is perfect for developing accountability for both individuals and teams with its unique structure and format. 

Used as both a daily tracker and reflective journal, The 90-day Business Goal Tracker will provide the perfect resource for teams and their managers to monitor progress, overcome obstacles and challenges, and review performance over 90 days.

Each participant of the Strategic Planning Retreat will be getting their very own 90 Day Business Goal Tracker Book.

Guest Speaker

Jodi Porteous

Profit First Professional

Jodi Porteous is an experienced tax accountant running her own accounting business for over 18 years.  In 2019, Profit First was implemented in Northwest Accountancy, and a money transformation occurred.  No longer do we need to have ATO payment plans in the quieter times of the year.  No longer do we rely on the overdraft and have to pay it back with each tax season.

Each bank account has a purpose, which everyone knows, and the teams works towards reducing costs and maximising income opportunities at all times.

Jodi loves to teach and present the Profit First concept to business owners, so that they too can transform their business and their personal lives, while also teaching similar concepts to families so that they are more intentional with their money too.

Total investment of $632.50
Includes two days of content, a copy of the 90 Day Business Goal Tracker and a copy of Profit First, keynote speakers for both books, Strategic Planning posters and so much more

Will you be taking your RTO to the next level in 2022?

By the time you’ve completed this two-day event you’ll be able to create a business growth plan where you...

  • Take a fresh look at why you are in the training industry and what your aims are for your RTO business growth, so that you can reconnect with what motivates you
  • Reaffirm your ideal target market and specify your ideal client profile, so that you know exactly who to market to
  • Take a snapshot of the financial situation of your RTO, so that you understand the resources available to you
  • Define what you do well as an RTO, so that you recognize what already works for you
  • Assess the places in your RTO where you aren’t performing strongly, so that you can take steps to lessen or eliminate those weaknesses
  • Identify your business opportunities to see where growth can come from, so that you tap into any hidden potential
  • Flag the external conditions that could hinder your RTO growth, so that you are aware of what you need to do to mitigate them
  • Evaluate your current marketing and its effectiveness, so that you know what to focus your efforts on
  • Assess how your current team members are working individually and together, so that you can identify changes to make for greater productivity
  • Examine your current business processes and tools to see if they’re delivering what you need, and to make sure you have the most up-to-date systems
  • Put together a comprehensive Superhero Flight Plan for the next 12 months that will guide and support your business goals
  • Review your Superhero Mission Control and identify your next steps, so that you can achieve the goals you set for this course.

This event is delivered over two-days and you will also have access to an online course that includes all the content and more. you will get access to an action guide, a course book and everything you need to successfully create your Superhero Flight Plan.

  • Imagine your life in a 3 months’ time when you have less stress and fear around the future
  • Imagine having security and peace of mind around your business
  • Imagine how good it feels leave the business worries behind and focus on your growth

What People Are Saying

DeAnne Steggart

All States Training

"It has been very refreshing to be able to attend the Mastermind sessions each week and to hear others stories, I know feel I am not alone in the RTO world.

I have enjoyed the podcasts I still have more to listen to but I am getting there.

It is good to know that my team can login and learn more about the industry we work in which then gives them more involved in the business and understand why they need to do certain things to stay compliant and then this training makes our RTO better for our students..”

Jill Heaton

The Unleashed Collective

“I attended Vivacity's Job Trainer Master Classes - Angela was so very generous with her time, answering questions and kindness towards my questions. I wish I had invested in Vivacity over wasting so much $ in other places for this kind of advice. Thanks to the entire Vivacity team. ”

I promise that when you complete this retreat, you will love how confident you will feel about creating an RTO Superhero Flight Plan than ensures your continued success.

YOUR HOST - Angela Connell

  • Founder + CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting
  • 30+ years experience in the training industry
  • Coach, Consultant and Trainer
  • Serial entrepreneur, having owned and operated 6 businesses

No one knows what the future holds, but you have control over whether your RTO grows or not. Will you take the steps now to plan what you need to do to build your RTO Success? 

Launch Your RTO in 2022

Total investment of $632.50
Includes two days of content, a copy of the 90 Day Business Goal Tracker and a copy of Profit First, keynote speakers for both books, Strategic Planning posters and so much more


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